Untitled Audio Sword Project??

Lately, I’ve been enjoying delving into the world of audio for a new project. It’s exciting to experiment with making a game world respond dynamically to music – something I’ve always wanted to explore.

As for the game itself, I’m considering various options. It could be a sword-fighting game where waves of enemies sync up with the music. Or maybe a chill game where you build and customize your room to match the songs you choose. Another idea is an arcade-style shooting game where enemy waves follow the flow of the music. All three maybe? Who knows…

On the right, you’re getting an early peek into some initial testing for my game. Notice how the cube game objects react to the music, and don’t be surprised by the astronaut who’s currently showing off some twerking moves – they’re set to be the enemy in this game! Although there will most likely be more swords and less twerking.. a little less.

I’m planning to make the color changes more diverse and responsive to different aspects of the game. Before I dive back into the audio scripts, my next steps involve refining the player’s attack and block animations and working on hit detection. It’s still early days, but I’m truly enjoying this project and looking forward to seeing where it will lead me.