Learning 2D

My newest project is a 2D game. I would like to get some experience with 2D game design and will be aiming to make a simple mobile/browser game. What it will be called and what you will do is TBD. So far you can move! Next step is animating the movement. 

Once I get a general understanding of 2D development my plan is to create a simple game made entirely of my own assets.

Box Colliders

Getting the colliders just right was a bit of a pain. I had an issue where the player would stick to terrain when you hit it. Thanks to the tutorials by Brackeys,  I was able to find the solution. Which was to remove friction on the colliders to allow the player sprite to slide off.

Tile Maps

Tile maps are quite a bit different than what I was used to with the terrain editor in 3D development. Once the tile sheets went into the palette correctly it was easy to pickup and understand. I am enjoying it and how fast it allows you to design levels.